A relationship counsellor works with the dynamics between the people in a relationship to resolve conflict and confusion during a time of crisis or to assist people to optimise their connection to experience a more fulfilling relationship. I work with a diverse range of issues, type of relationships and clients including couples in new or long-term relationships, family relationships, friendships or work relationships.


A relationship counsellor is an experienced and skilled therapist trained to assist couples in negotiating and resolving issues within their relationship dynamic. They are highly trained to deal with complex relationship issues including affairs and infidelity, trauma, mismatched libido and poor communication.

A good relationship counsellor can identify past and present stressors that affect the relationship and collaborates with the partners to resolve and repair difficulties and re-establish relationship happiness. It's important to find a relationship counsellor who is a good fit, understands you, is non-judgemental and can help you untangle the complexities of your relationship difficulties.

WHAT TO EXPECT IN an appointment

Clients are assessed according to their medical, family, relationship and sexual histories and both individual and couple goals are identified and worked towards during treatment. 

Relationship counselling is more complex than individual therapy as the counsellor must identify the issues with the relationship dynamic as well as the issues of each individual that contribute to the dynamic. Both couple and individual sessions are conducted to provide a therapeutic framework for change.

Often, clients present with what they consider to be the main difficulty. However, careful assessment may reveal a plethora of other unresolved issues that contribute to relationship conflict. It is the counsellor's role to provide support, moderate and guide clients in resolving the complex issues presented during appointments.


  • Relationship and marriage counselling
  • Couples communication
  • Argument resolution
  • Rebuilding your relationship after infidelity
  • Sex in long-term relationships
  • Body image and relationships
  • Intimacy and relationships
  • Anxiety and depression in relationships
  • Addictions in relationships
  • Chronic illness in relationships
  • Negotiating major life changes and relationships
  • Dating coaching
  • Ending relationships
  • New relationships
  • Resolving the impacts of traumatic relationships
  • Negotiating parenting in a relationship
  • Anger management/resolution in relationships
  • Pre-marriage preparation 
  • Conception Support
  • Blended Families
  • Separation/Divorce Support
  • Negotiating family and relationships 
  • Cross-cultural/religious relationships 
  • Alternative relationship structures
  • LGBTQI+ relationships
  • Individual therapy
  • Sex therapy
  • Trauma therapy
  • EMDR Therapy