National Geographic Taboo Series – Strange Passions

National Geographic Documentary TABOO, Series 9, Episode 905 "Strange Passions"

National Geographic Documentary TABOO, Series 9, Episode 905 "Strange Passions" featuring Louisa Ghevaert and private sperm donor Ed Houben

The Morning Show

The secret signs revealing sexual performance - watch now

Christina Spaccavento joins Larry and Kylie to discuss how behaviour can reveal what someone is like in the bedroom.

How much sex should you be having? - watch now

Sex therapist Christina Spaccavento joins The Morning Show to reveal how much sex is normal, quantity versus quality, and if scheduling sex works.

The Daily Edition

Top marriage mistakes

Relationship expert Christina Spaccavento speaks to us about the factors that cause marriages to break down.

Biggest dating blunders

Relationship specialist Christina Spaccavento uncovers some of the biggest mistakes people make dating and how you can avoid them.

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CQ The CAPA Quarterly Sexual Abuse Survivors and Offenders- A brief overview

CQ The CAPA Quarterly Sexual Problems That Can Arise in Long-Term and Committed Relationships

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LOTL- Lesbian Sexuality- Uncovering the big issues

LOTL- The Naked Truth

My Little Black Book- Let’s talk about…Orgasms!

My Little Black Book- On the twelfth day of christmas…I gave to myself

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